Endless Love (2014)


Endless love is a Romance Drama film tracking the relationship of David Elliot and Jade Butterfield. It takes place in a small US town and they both go to school together but have never talked before, even though David has always had a crush on Jade. He restrained from talking to her as she was a recluse at school due to her brother passing away.

***Spoilers follow***

Endless love should be renamed The go to guide for Romance films. There are so many cliches used in the film that it could be a text book for effective plot elements for romance dramas, these are:

  • A disapproving father
  • A Mother who disapproves of the disapproving father
  • Rich girl, poor boy
  • A family member passed away
  • A party scene
  • Get caught in a closet
  • Fathers ambitions for daughter are being thrown away by love for boy
  • A fire
  • A car accident
  • A “catch her at the airport” scene
  • Getting caught by the police and the girls father bails you out
  • Leaving for college in 2 weeks
  • A jealous ex-girlfriend
  • An argument revolving around not being able to be together, resulting in not being together

Although these cliches are littered throughout the movie, they add to the plot and give the characters issues to deal with. Albeit more issues than anyone could expect in a lifetime…


The film is directed well and doesn’t seem too cluttered although a lot happens in the 104 min run time. The acting is carried by Alex Pettyfer and Bruce Greenwood, all other actors seemed fairly interchangeable, including Gabriella Wilde. She was practically a pretty face as the character had little to work with, being portrayed as a head over heels teenager who will drop her life’s ambitions for a good man. It would have been good to see a more dark side where she could really jump into the emotions from losing her brother and dealing with that. Once she meets David, the loss of her brother is barely shown to affect her.

Alex Pettyfer shows his acting chops and is pulling together various action, drama, comedy and now romance roles to add to his portfolio. He meets the need for a dreamy type male lead role and is the crux of each scene.


The Verdict:

Endless Love was released on Valentine’s day, so if you’re watching it you can’t complain that its too romantic or drama driven. It pulls together scenes better than most romantic movies of its genre and creates a bond with the characters. Definitely worth the ticket price.


Agree, disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Check out more on Endless Love at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2318092/


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