The World’s End (2013)


Gary King is down on his luck. His life hasn’t turned out the way he planned and he reminisces on the glory days of his youth. Trying to recapture this, he gets his gang back together and tries to complete the elusive Golden Mile. Going back to their home town the gang attempts to drink 12 schooners in 12 pubs finishing at the World’s End, a feat they failed 20 years ago.




The World’s End is the 3rd film from director Edgar Wright and follows the formula of the previous 2 films. We’re introduced to our protagonists and given a brief, vague glimpse into their past before the film takes a complete turn into a beat’em’up. The character’s pasts, unavoidably, contain alcoholic issues which are alluded to throughout the film. The dramatic tension is engaging and when the reasons for the conflict are ultimately revealed, they are briefly glossed over, turning a potentially climactic reveal into a passing moment midst the monster bashing.


Comparing to Hot Fuzz and Sean of the Dead; TWE, is the weakest of the 3. The previous films use zombies and cops gone bad as the victims of a firm bashing, whereas the threat in TWE is shoehorned into the film and provides minimal danger. There really is nothing stopping the gang just leaving, but instead they decide to complete the Golden Mile midst the chaos, only doing so to advance the plot. The climactic ending shows Gary defeating the all-knowledgeable evil leader through breaking down his patience, using broken logic to fault his plot.


The film is purposefully ridiculous and pulls it off. The first act of the film tricked me into thinking TWE was a dramatic comedy film, only to turn me into the fool when the beat’em’up started. Unfit, awkward guys start pulling off flying kicks and throwing bad guys across the room and it’s glorious. Seeing Martin Freeman grapple a guy and smash him against a cubicle was worth the price of the BD alone.

The Verdict:

TWE is unthinkably silly and a bag of fun. There is enough back story to relate and emphatise with the protagonists so the entire quest has purpose and you urge them to finish. Pick this one up on BD, grab a couple drinks and you’re set for a Saturday night with the gang.


Agree, disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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