The Lego Movie (2014)


Lord Business plans to rule the Lego world and he takes the Kragle, a mythical relic, to help him glue the world in an eternal state of perfection. When he takes it, Vitruvius prophesies of ‘The Special’, a master builder who will find a relic to destroy the Kragle. Emmet is an ordinary construction worker, he follows the instructions and fits in until he finds the ancient relic and is revealed to be ‘The Special’.

Everything is Lego

The animation in The Lego Movie is phenomenal. The CGI has been employed to create a stop-motion effect that is smooth enough to watch. From flames, to smoke, to water everything is made from Lego, immersing you in the world. The plot even revolves around the long standing Lego argument, to follow the instructions or be creative?

Everything is Cliché

Cliché’s occur often in TLM and add to the fun. TLM is refreshingly self-aware, poking fun at itself and remaining tongue-in-cheek using overused film traits in new and interesting ways. Good/Bad Cop is the perfect example of this; the filmmakers have taken an historically overused concept and fit it to Lego, refreshing the Good Cop, Bad Cop cliché and making it interesting.


Everything is Pop Culture

From My Little Pony, to Batman, to Lord of the Rings, TLM has it all. Current pop culture trends are riddled throughout the film and used to great effect. The Green Lantern and Superman were especially fun, playing on the Green Lantern’s want to be a part of the gang. The film even goes to the extent of referencing older Lego sets like the Space sets from the late 70’s, and portraying the character as enthusiastic even though he is fairly irrelevant.MV5BMTQ4MjI2MTM4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTA5MDQwMTE@._V1__SX1697_SY813_

Everything is Awesome

TLM doesn’t follow a standard film arc, but instead is 100mph from the get go, a downhill roller-coaster for the full 100 minutes. It is consistently entertaining, the humour and action blending well to create an experience suitable for kids as well as adults.

There are huge names on the cast, employing some of Hollywood’s most renowned actors for their voice-work. The script is written well and contains the right mix of character development and dialogue for a kids film.


The moral of the film at first seemed to be that creativity and team-work beats rigidity and dictatorship, but when the film came into the real world another message was introduced. Buy Lego. The final scenes show how Lego=bonding and seemed a bit adverty, like the family fun ads you typically see for new toys on the market. If you are going to provide a movie as fun and exciting as TLM, a 5 min advert at the end a small price to pay, and in all honesty, it did make me reminisce on my Lego days…

The Verdict:

TLM contains the critical elements for an exciting kids movie, and adds enough clever jokes and homages to pop culture to be entertaining for adults. The film is a benchmark for kids movies and there will inevitably be a sequel, hopefully not The Duplo Movie…


Agree, disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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