Quidditch for Muggles

***Assessable News Article for University***

Quidditch, the fictional sport from the Harry Potter series, is quickly growing into a full-fledged sport.

Since the release of the Harry Potter books and films, the sport is being played in Schools and Universities, with multiple teams competing.


Logan Anbinder, Marketing Director of the International Quidditch Association said “Harry Potter fans typically start a Quidditch team, and then over the course of weeks or months it will gain interest from their friends and class mates, and eventually the team becomes more athletic and competitive”

As Quidditch grows there are many factors that will determine its success or failure.

A representative of the Australian Institute of Sport said that Quidditch is not currently a National Sporting organisation and needs to apply through the correct channels.

“It is currently being played at a community level in Australia. Once they meet the requirements to be an NSO they can develop to a high performance level, receive funding and hold a nationally recognised competition” said the Representative.

“There’s a push for international recognition and in July there will be an international competition with teams from USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and maybe Belgium competing” said Logan.


The rules have been modified from the book to make the game more competitive and aligned to current sports.

The most prominent rule change is the drop in points of catching the snitch; instead of being worth 150 points it is only worth 30 points.


For more info on Quidditch visit: iqaquidditch.com



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