Why Wait to See New Movies?

***Assessable News Article for University***


The Lego Movie was released in Australia on the 3rd April, but had previously been available in the United States and other developed nations on the 7th February.

There was a two month gap between releases, making illegal copies available online for download before the theatrical release.

Nathan Steer, Sales coordinator at Roadshow Entertainment said that release dates can be shifted for a number of reasons.

“The aim is to release as close to international trends as possible, particularly on large scale product because Australian consumers shouldn’t be forced to wait, but also for piracy/parallel importing reasons” said Mr Steer.

This can put kids films in a compromised position as the best theatrical results will be seen during school holidays, but this also gives piracy more of an opportunity said Mr Steer.

“Certain groups of people even believe it is their right to illegally download this type of content as they think they should be allowed to view films at the same time as they are released worldwide”


Sue Lee, Manager at Hoyts Blacktown said that ticket sales are at their peak during the school holidays.

“It (The Lego Movie) was released two weeks before the holidays began. The sales were ok, but once the holidays kicked in the sales skyrocketed” said Ms Lee.

“No complaints were received about the shifted release dates”

“The late release is good for the centre as well, it gives kids on school holidays an option to make a trip to the centre a whole day out, it’s better than them causing trouble” said Ms Lee.



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