Local Theatre: Bring your Friends!

***Assessable News Article for University***


Local Theatre Companies give their all to provide top class entertainment at a reasonable admission price.

Sport For Jove Theatre Company is able to provide an immersive entertainment experience for the cost of seeing a feature film.

Steven Tait, Business Manager, for Sport For Jove Theatre Company, says that ticket sales are the most important source of revenue for a Theatre Company.

“We always encourage people to bring a friend, word of mouth is a powerful thing and people who regularly see our shows are our best advocates”

“Our company in particular tries to get all of its shows to cover 100% of its own costs, though, that is easier to do on some of our shows than others”.

Under forecast ticket sales can have a major effect on finances as the production is already paid for beforehand.

“How much a theatre company would hope to get from ticket sales will depend on how much they think they can source from those additional funding options” said Mr Tait.

Additional sources of revenue can include raffles, funding, education programs, commercial product and novelty item sales.

Running shows on this type of budget takes discipline, and in some cases, sacrifice.

Most actors are hired on a casual basis and payed less than equity amounts (equity is the term used for paying a full-time wage during the casual period) said Mr Tait.

“We have paid full equity on some of our shows, and guarantee a minimum contracted amount on those that we don’t pay full equity, and we continue to strive towards paying full equity rates on all of our shows.”

“Few theatre companies can pay full equity, and those that do are generally well funded” said Mr Tait.


Jackson O’Sullivan, who has performed for various theatre companies said that affordable ticket prices are an effect of competition with other forms of entertainment.

“When you’re paying less than $20 to go see a blockbuster film, a theatre company can’t expect to charge top dollar unless their marketing is superb, and their show is high calibre” said Mr O’Sullivan.

Local theatre companies charge anywhere from $0-$70 for seasonal performances and tickets can be above this for VIP tickets.

Productions like Lion King and Wicked are able to charge over $100 but there are small theatre companies that would struggle to sell tickets at this premium price said Mr O’Sullivan.

“Shortening rehearsals, getting crew to play multiple roles and hiring less-experienced actors are some of the ways smaller companies cut costs”

“In some cases young actors in minor roles will perform free-of-charge just to get something on their resume… I know I did” said Mr O’Sullivan.

“Local theatre adds significantly to our culture and it would be great to see more of the community backing it”



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